Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 11: Supportive Friends and Family

My family has been there for me from the start, remembering my girls and talking to me about them whenever I want.

My March of Dimes family, wow, I don't know where I'd be without them!  Definitely not where I am now!

Emily met me just after losing the girls and probably heard more than she ever wanted to hear, lol, but she stuck with me through it and let me talk when I needed to talk!

Michelle, one of my nurses has been there for me whenever I needed someone to talk to, she listened to me in the very early and desperately miserable days and continues to be there whenever I need.

Ann, haha, wow, what would I have ever done without you.  She was my partner in crime giving people dirty looks when they said something insensitive and laughing at my not so nice comments about themafterwards and even making her own jokes.  She talked to me endlessly on facebook and got me through some of the worst of my days.

Becky and Jen, these ladies got me through the worst of the worst!  They are my fellow twin girl angel mommas and know almost exactly what it is like to be me.  I couldn't have gotten through without you!  Jen especially talked to me for hours upon hours shortly after losing the girls, she's a saint for putting up with me constantly messaging her, thank you!

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