Friday, August 27, 2010


Yeah, I'm cool like that. I get it from my mom. I measure everything out and make a little model to scale on graph paper. That way, you can move everything around and figure out where it will fit and which layout will give you the most room. Saves you a ton of energy moving bits of paper around than moving around big pieces of furniture. The cribs are the convertable ones, that convert to full sized headboard and footboards, you just have to get the rails. We already had the bed and rails, or so we thought. The plan was to take one of the cribs down and turn it into the headboard and footboard for the full sized bed we already had in there to give us a bit more room. So we got to work to move it around.

This was the result. We discovered after we had taken everything apart that we didn't have the correct rails to make it happen! So the nursery is now a mess. Tomorrow we're off on a mission to find the proper rails, chances are we'll probably have to order them as people look at us confused as we try to describe what we want or need. Here's to hoping they'll ship them here!! Until then, tornado room it is!

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