Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Molly's got her own pharmacy at home, here's the listing of her meds.
Hydroxyzine two times a day
Temaril P once a day
Cephalexin 2 pills twice a day
Ear cleaner once a day
Ear drops once a day
Yogurt 1 Tbsp twice a day for tummy upset with antibiotics
Also, not pictured, chlorhexidine soap to wash belly and feet twice a week as well as Eukanuba Response FP vet diet for an allergy prone dog

When she doesn't have a skin infection, it basically cuts out the cephalexin and decreases how often we use the ear cleaner and drops and the chlorhexidine soap.

I feel like I quit my job as a nurse at the hospital to be the stay at home nurse for my dog :S


  1. Ahh... The things we do for those furry, little creatures we love.