Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Purple Wednesday

At work every day is a different color, Wednesday is purple and it's my favorite now! Why? Purple is the color of like half of my March of Dimes stuff! Got to wear my MOD family team t-shirt under my scrub top, my MOD bracelets, and my MOD bag for all my stethescopes, and other nursing equipment! I decided I needed a new bag to carry all my stuff in because the one I had was from the old hospital I worked at, so I figured I'd rep it up for the MOD a little! Sorry for the myspace-ish pic, I was gonna have Charles take a picture for me but he left for work early thanks to the inspection. I wanted this pic just in case I couldn't find anything else to take a picture of, and good thing I did becasue there wasn't anything else!

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