Thursday, April 29, 2010

Them: In a nutshell

Today I found out that my daughters' had their own medical records. Until today I thought theirs were just included in mine. So I got them to give me a copy. Looking through it, there were really only two pages that mattered. The nurses' notes and the doctors note. I few words caught my eye right off the bat, words like "previable" "agonal breathing" and "minimal movement" are words you never want to have used to describe your child. But there they are in black and white, exactly those words describing them. I was a little upset that my daughters' entire existance could be summed up in just two sheets. Then a wonderful friend of mine reminded me, that it isn't. Those two sheets don't tell how Hailey was laying across the top punching and kicking me. How Emilyn was laying on bottom dancing around. How they filled their parents with happiness for over 20 weeks and still to this day bring smiles through the tears of their mommy and daddy's faces. They live on in the blankets that I make, comforting other angel parents. They live on in the awareness I am bringing through the March of Dimes and the walk that I am planning for Saturday. They live on, and will continue to do so for many many years to come, forever if I can help it.