Saturday, April 24, 2010

Guam Wildlife: Kitchen Edition

Ok, so usually I do two things when I buy flour on Guam. This time, I did neither and this is what I get for it! I usually open up the flour at the store and inspect it for bugs, if there are none I buy it. When I get home I usually either put it in my cannister set or put it in plastic baggies. This time I did not inspect, and I just left it in the bag. I was digging in my cabinet to get my pancake mix and saw a ton of flour on the bottom of the shelf and looked closer and...bugs!! So I emptied everything out trying to find the culprit, and it narrowed down to the flour. There were holes in the bag where the bugs had either made their way in or out, I can't be for sure! The bag was still sealed shut though, I hadn't opened it yet. Either way, I opened the bag just to double check and sure enough there were little creepy crawlers making their way around inside it! It got put in the trash immediately and brought outside. Eww!!

If you notice next to the flour in its original bag, there is other flour in a plastic baggy, yep, should've done that!

Inside too!!

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